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SoCal Saber Service

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SoCal Saber Service offers a wide variety of installation and customization services that will meet and cater to all your illuminated saber needs.


We offer in hilt led conversions for MR/Hasbro fx sabers, and also full custom installs, or “Full conversions” using your choice of soundboards and led combos.


Have an empty hilt? Send it to us! We offer full install services with plecter labs or NEC soundboards of your choice. We use only the brightest and highest bin LEDs in our sabers, and all come stock with full internal chassis’, and in hilt 2.1mm recharge ports.


Not a fan of shiny sabers? We can take care of that. We offer full chemical weathering services, and acrylic detailing. Give that hilt a worn in look or even an ancient look.


A big thank you to Jordan Eugene and So-cal saber service for this wonderful Graflex with crystal chamber he made for me.

The hilt is quite heavy and well detailed and there are two ways to open it: one from rear unscrewing the bottom with d-ring and one from the middle, revealing the knight chassis with quartz crystal firmly hold in place within the garb. In both ways you can access to the recharge port and kill key.
The best part of it is you can either display it with the blade on (you need a 7/8 blade) or without using some blade plug and it will always look a charming collector's piece.

Simone T

6 out of 5 Stars!

Just wanted to leave a customer experience review for Jordan over here at So-Cal Saber Service. I started talking to Jordan in mid-December. I got caught up with Korbanth's release of his Graflex 2.0 but I had not a slightest clue on how to do the electronics. In comes in Jordan, he just launched his site and I started talking to him. I think between the time I initially started talking to him, all the way to the end, we exchanged over 140 emails and maybe 50 texts. NOT ONCE did I have to wait more than 12 hours for a reply. He provided me with an update whenever I asked. He even help me reach my deadline!

If you're looking for a saber smith, Jordan is your guy! I'm not surprised he's backed up for 2 months already! And I'm glad I got to be one of his first Graflex 2.0 commissions!! Keep it up Jordan!!

Jon c

BAM! Here we go.. I started working with Jordan this past December and commissioned him for two sabers. The first, KRSabers ROTS Obi-wan and the second, the well known Korbanth Graflex 2.0. When I commissioned the Obi, I was actually his first customer under So-Cal Saber Service. From the get go, he was very helpful in explaining nearly every detail of his work and answered my endless amount of questions as I was brand new to the community. It took us awhile to get things rolling since I live and am based out of Japan and we had to do some shipping back and forth but finally I got him everything he needed and he closed the hatches to his laboratory and went all mad scientist! I had planned to be visiting the U.S. In February so we agreed to ship to the location I would be at to save time and money. Of course, he was done well ahead of schedule and once I made it to the U.S., they arrived nearly 24 hours after to my door. First things first, Obi-Wan, my favorite Jedi and easily my favorite saber. Removed the kill key and fired her up and it lit up my In-Laws kitchen. I fell in love! Next, the Flex! I removed the kill key was struggling to get it to power on at my first sign of distress to Jordan, he told me to pack it up and send it back. Turned out to be an issue with condensation going from the lovely SoCal to the cold Midwest. But it got to him in a day, he fixed it in 2 minutes and I had it back the next day. He wouldn't let me pay him anything and the turn around was lightening fast. I'm just now finally getting the time to write this well deserved review now that I haven't been as busy. Jordan is very knowledgeable is his art and very reasonable with all prices and takes pride in his work. He is very loyal to his customers and so long as he is in the business, I will choose him to work on my gear. I've talked to Vince a couple times and he has been equally as helpful and knowledgeable but I haven't had a chance to actually work with him. I know that Jordan holds him high and you should too! So again, thank you man!

Tyler J

Working with So-Cal Saber Services has been an absolute pleasure. While installing the electronics on my saber, Jordan kept me up to date on everything. Vincent also did an amazing job helping me to upload new fonts to my saber. The wiring work is unbelievably clean and organized. I couldn't be happier to have gone with SCSS, and they will certainly be my go-to installers from now on.

James B.